A Few Words About Social SEO:

I am preparing class material for an intro to SEO for Small Business and I thought why not share a couple of nuggets that I am sure the class will appreciate. I hope that you will too.

Just A Few Words About Social SEO:

•  Ensure in-content and nav link text are clear and work!
•  Describe in detail what to expect upon click thru.
•  Eliminate “cute” language, “insider” terms, industry jargon.
•  Eliminate generic links such as “click here”. Bad for SEO.
•  Edit link text to scannable short phrases. Don’t link long tails.
•  Ask for and pay attention to visitor feedback. Keep improving!
As what we share in our social media network pages, including our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Instagram, and others becomes more search friendly, it is in our best interest to ensure quality and relevant content is provided.
Your thoughts?
Eddie Soto – ESONLINE