3 Ways To Provide Online Marketing Value:

1. Be informative!

2. Be relevant!

3. Be real!

Creating an impact in your industry or niche requires you to be unique and possess a sense of presence. Your message needs to be one of value as well as being congruent to your service or product. Be the one people talk about and want more of. Only then will you create market impact. Dare to be that one. Make it an awesome day!  

Eddie Soto
E.S. Online Enterprises, Inc.

Insane busy day. Nothing like a list of things you want to do to make it an eventful day.

A Philly cheesesteak and a couple of slices of Chicago style deepdish, please! TY. 😉

My dream Stanley Cup matchup taking place in minutes…#Blackhawks vs #Flyers. One can dream!! 🙂

Who’s jumping on the new tech toy bandwagon today? http://ping.fm/koom5

Happy TGIF to you! Totally don’t mind losing that hour of sleep this weekend to gain extra daylight. 😉

Great social media meetup with @SonnyAhuja yesterday. Positive and proactive! Follow him. 🙂

Twitter takes action on spammers and scammers > Social Networking … http://bit.ly/chLVc3 (via- mediadude)

Make it yours. Today. 🙂

frustrated w/ software. peace… out.